I am a doctoral student in the Butman lab here at the School of Environmental and Forest sciences. Before UW, I received my BA from Oberlin College in Oberlin, OH in Creative Writing and Environmental Studies in 2012. For my MS, I joined UW Professor Rob Harrison's soil lab and completed my degree in 2014 studying the distribution of soil carbon and nitrogen in deep forest soil horizons.


My Master thesis laid the groundwork for my current PhD research into the age, lability, and quality of dissolved organic matter that leaches out of soil. I am excited to to explore the interface between land and water, where much of the material that feeds aquatic life originates. To do this I will be synthesizing UV and EEMs spectroscopy, Fourier Transform Infrared spectroscopy (FTIR), lab incubations, and carbon isotope analysis to build a novel database that characterizes organic matter in both the solid and liquid phases.


Outside UW, I can be found hiking, skiing, or biking in the Pacific Northwest woods, or with my nose stuck in a good book.