I am a Masters student researching ways to make rain gardens and other bioretention systems better at their job. Specifically, I study bioretention soil’s ability to hold phosphorus, and how we can balance phosphorus sources and sinks within soil to end up with cleaner rivers and lakes when water flows out the other end. Part of that involves working with a waste product from the drinking water treatment process (creatively named “water treatment residual,” and much more interesting than the name implies) with a huge capacity for phosphorus sorption.

My committee chair is Dr. Sally Brown, whose soil science expertise sets the stage for my thesis research. But I am thrilled to also have Dr. Butman on my committee to advise the aquatic chemistry side of my research and to be an honorary member of the Butman lab.

Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, I am a lifelong city dweller and am passionate about tackling urban environmental issues. I took a short hiatus from city life to spend four excellent years in the woods of upstate New York, getting a BS in Natural Resources from Cornell, and then moved to Seattle to work in urban forestry before going back to school at the UW. I am very thankful for the support of King County and Biosolids NW in enabling my return to the world of science. When I’m not in the lab or at my desk working on writing my thesis, you can find me making messes in the kitchen, hunting down live music, or going for hikes with my dog.